Return and Refunds Policy

If you are dissatisfied with an item purchased you may return it for a replacement or exchange provided that the conditions of our Return & Refund Policy have been satisfied. We will not refund any purchases.

We will replace or exchange a product provided that:

  • There is valid proof of purchase, i.e. web invoice;
  • It is within 5 days of the original purchase date;
  • It is in its original packaging or condition.

The cost of couriering the product back to any of our stores shall be incurred by the purchaser.

If you wish to return something that you purchased online at  because the item you received is either damaged or not what you ordered, please contact us at

Torqzone Academy (Pty) Ltd does not take title to returned items until the item/s arrives at our store. At our discretion, a replacement or exchange may be issued without requiring a return. In this situation, Torqzone Academy (Pty) Ltd does not take title to the item.

Torqzone Academy (Pty) Ltd does not collect returns from SA Post Office or any third party location. The customer is responsible to return the item/s to our store

If the product was used for its intended purpose and design and in accordance with the product’s instructions and/or user manual and is found by the customer to be faulty, Torqzone Academy (Pty) Ltd will liaise with the supplying on behalf of the customer in terms of replacement or repair. Proof of purchase is required.

No replacement or exchanges will be actioned on purchases where the products that have been misused or purposely damaged. There may be a courier cost to have certain products repaired. This cost is for the customer’s account and will be quoted upfront. When returning products for repair, please ensure that it is in a hygienic condition.

If the item/s were purchased using an Gift Voucher it may be exchanged if the above criteria are met and the correct procedures are followed, however, no cash refunds or new gift cards will be issued.

To avoid processing delay, please return item with instructions and contact details.

Contact Details

Physical Address: 69 Lynburn Rd, Lynburn Centre, 1st Floor Unit 5, Lynnwood Manor, Pretoria, South Africa, 0081


Telephone:  082 850 0115 (before 8am / after 4pm)future