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Master Wheel Building Kit

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Kit includes the following tools:

  • 3.3, 3.45, 4, 4.3, 5, 5.5 mm spoke wrenches
  • Shimano spoke wrench
  • Flat spoke wrench
  • Nipple driver and nipple assembly tool
  • All Mavic spoke wrenches
  • DT Swiss torx profile nipple wrench
  • Inverted square nipple driver
  • Spoke, bearing and cotter gauge

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Additional information

Product features

  • Manufactured with high quality carbon steel to ensure minimal wear to tools and wheel components being worked on.
  • Includes tools compatible with the most common nipple and spoke types.
  • The Nipple Insertion Tool makes seating nipples through double wall rims quick and easy.
  • Compact two layer foam storage box.


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